Cara Memegang Kamera Dengan Benar

How to Hold the Camera Correctly

You may already be used to using a camera. But is the way you hold your camera correct? Apart from that, holding a camera isn't just like that, the most important thing is how you don't get tired quickly, because it's too heavy for a long time. Apart from that, it can also affect the sharpness of your image. What you need to remember is that the function of the left hand is to support the camera, while the right hand is to control the camera. Let's check how together...

1. Elbows pressed against the body, keep the camera close to the body when shooting

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2. Make the left arm support
3. Focus on both elbows, not just one

4. Stand up with a stance to maintain more stability

5. Use foot support when shooting low or squatting

6. Use objects around you to add stability

7. Pay attention to your hands when you are lying down

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