Cahaya Natural Atau Artificial?

Natural or Artificial Light?

Lighting is an important factor in photography. Usually there are 2 camps for this type of lighting, natural light and artificial light, aka artificial light. But the choice in the use of light is not solely based on which type of light is preferred but is also adjusted to the needs and theme of the photo you want to produce, where both lights have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

1. Natural light

This light is more practical to use without the need for any additional equipment, and most importantly it is free. By using natural light in a window or under a tree, you can create artsy shadows. But the drawback of this light is that you cannot use it continuously. The best time to use sunlight is in the morning before 10 and half past 3 in the afternoon until before dusk. And sometimes the use of natural light can give a photo a flat impression.

2. Artificial light

This lighting is different from natural light, you can use this light at any time. Apart from that, you can create various kinds of impressions such as dramatic, natural, and so on. You can also make your photo objects more dimensional with the right light arrangement. But unfortunately this type of light is not free, you need to pay money for various types of lights, you need to learn the techniques and setting the lights which is quite time consuming.

These two lights can both produce cool photos, just adjust it to the theme and comfort of use. If you want natural results, it is recommended to use natural light. If you want dramatic, glamorous results, it is recommended to use artificial light.

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