Beberapa Inspirasi Foto Tilt-Shift

Some Tilt-Shift Photo Inspiration

You already know what tilt-shift photos are and how to make them, right? Now Mimin wants to share examples of some tilt-shift photos for inspiration for all KEE friends.

The Bench, She's Tilted by  Modest Janicki
Snowdown railway by Angus

Toy Bridge by Dark Tiger

Untitled by MCMLXXV
Roller derby by Jay Lee

Little game by Pattagon
Eiffel by AmarBi
London tilt shift by Adam
Big Minature world by Sippanont S
Miniature Puncak by Abdul Khalil Azmi
Tilt shift GMF 11 by Regnauld Buntario
2nd & Market by Ed McGowan
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