Beberapa Ide Unik Untuk Foto Bayi

Some Unique Ideas For Baby Photos

For those of you who are confused about wanting baby photos that aren't just like that, Mimin has some unique tips that you can try...

1. Use a whiteboard with pictures

You can use a blackboard to draw whatever you like, you can draw a garden, or a highway, or anything else you imagine. After that, you just need to put your baby to sleep on the board and make a little style. The results of your photos will be different from other photos.

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2. Dramatic photos with mesh fabric

You can make a photo of the baby still in the womb by using a soft net or tulle and putting the baby to sleep with a little curl, and making sure the position is safe and secure. You can use black and white mode to add a dramatic impression to the photo.



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3. Make elegant photos with fabric

You can make your baby look elegant just by using a piece of cloth. No need for various kinds of props or other supporting objects. Place the baby on a soft cloth/carpet, put a thin cloth over the baby and let him move and squirm as if wearing the cloth. Voila! Your baby looks elegant like a top model.

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4. Add some props to support your photo concept

If you have a certain photo concept, you can add props that support that concept, for example this concept, with a pile of books and oversized glasses making your baby even cuter and more adorable. To prevent the skin from rubbing against something rough, you can cover it with a cloth.



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5. Play with photo editing

If your baby is difficult to control and moves a lot, don't despair. You can trick this with a photo of your baby on a white cloth and let him move as he likes. After getting several poses, you can edit them in Photoshop or Paint and add supporting images around them. There is a lot that can be told through these photos.

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