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Parts of DSLR Camera

For those of you who want to learn more about photography, you definitely need to know all the parts of your camera! Usually most of them have the same components, there may only be differences in the position of the buttons between one brand and another.

What are the parts?

1. Camera body

It is the center of all DSLR parts. It contains the most important elements, namely the reflex mirror and camera sensor. On the side, there is a grip to hold the camera, and there is a thread to attach the camera to a tripod.

2. Lenses

The lens is one of the most important components in photography. Lenses can affect the results of your photos. Therefore, consider carefully before choosing lenses and take good care of them.

3. Shutter button

This button functions to activate the shutter on the camera. Usually the camera design is adjusted so that the shutter button is on the index finger, making it easier to take photos.

4. View finder

The view finder is used to see the object to be targeted. On some cameras the view finder is starting to be replaced with an LCD. There is a tool to adjust focus for those of you who have minus or plus eyes.

5. LCD screen

The LCD screen functions to display the camera's system settings such as shutter speed, ISO, aperture, white balance and other settings. Apart from that, you can also see your photos here.

6. Battery

The camera battery is an important element. For those of you who actively take photos, it is recommended that you have a spare battery. When storing the camera, the battery should be removed from its location.

7. On/off button

The on/off button is generally at the top of the camera which functions to turn the camera on and off.

8. Mode dial

This section functions to set the mode on the camera. You can choose the mode you want to use according to your needs, for example manual mode (M), auto (A or P), night mode, close up, or panorama. This setting makes it easier for you to get results according to the conditions.

9. Play dial

This button functions to adjust the diaphragm and exposure. The shape is jagged and only half visible.

10. Lens release button

The function of this button is to remove the lens from the camera body. You are absolutely obliged to press this button when you want to remove the camera because otherwise it will damage the lens and body of your camera, and the electronic system of the lens could also be damaged.

11. Menu button

When you press the menu button, you can select the desired camera settings.

12. Built-in flash

All DSLR cameras are equipped with a built-in flash. You can activate it by pressing the button at the top of the front of the body.

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