Auto dan Manual Fokus Pada Kamera

Auto and Manual Focus on Camera

KEE friends, there are 2 types of camera focus, namely auto focus and manual focus. What's the difference between the two?

1. Auto Focus

Auto focus (AF) is a mode on a digital camera that is used to determine focus on an object automatically. However, on the other hand, autofocus does not function well in low light conditions. Based on its use, AF Mode can be divided into:

A. Single Area Mode (AF-S / One Shot AF)

With single AF, you can determine the desired focus location on a stationary object by moving the focus point then pressing the shutter button halfway. This mode is suitable for taking pictures of still objects such as landscapes and portrait photography.

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B. Continuous Mode (AF-C / AI Servo)

In this mode, the photographer only needs to determine the object of the photo and focus by pressing the shutter button halfway, then simply direct the camera so that it continues to automatically follow the movement of the photo object. This mode is very suitable for photographing moving objects such as human interest.

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C. Hybrid Mode (AF-A / AI Focus)

This mode is a mixture of single and continuous modes. Usually this mode is used for objects whose movement is erratic and unpredictable. In this mode, the camera focus will immediately change automatically between one shot AF mode and Al Servo AF mode, adjusted to the condition of the object.

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2. Manual Focus

Manual focus (MF) is a mode on digital cameras that is used to determine focus on objects manually. In contrast to autofocus, here the photographer plays an important role. Appropriate skills and techniques are needed to get good photo results. Usually this mode is mostly used for landscape and macro photography.

Let's find out why you should use manual focus?

A. Can shoot at low contrast

Maybe you have experienced that your camera has difficulty focusing in bright light conditions, or similar colors in the object and background. Try using manual mode so you can adjust the focus.
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B. Makes macro photography easier

For macro photography, you usually play with depth of field. When the depth of field is shallow, it will usually be difficult for the lens to focus. So you can use manual mode to help you get the focus you want.

C. Play focus between objects

If you want to photograph an object that is blocked by something in front of it, autofocus will have difficulty getting focus, for example if you want to photograph an animal behind the bars at a zoo. Sometimes autofocus can be confused in determining focus because of the bars, so you can use manual mode.
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D. Shooting without sound

Sometimes the sound of the lens shifting and the "beep" sound when the lens has focused can be annoying. So, with manual mode you can take photos without having to make a sound.

So now you know, KEE friends, the difference between manual and auto focus. It's your turn to try, good luck!
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