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Video Framing Rules

Sometimes I get confused when deciding on the framing, how to take a video. Well, it turns out there are several benchmarks that you can use, what else?

1. Rule of thirds

This is a fairly common framing, you just divide 1 frame into 9 equal parts, you will get 4 meeting points between horizontal and vertical lines. You can choose one of the 4 points.

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2. One point perspective

The subject is usually placed in the center of the frame and the viewer's gaze is directly drawn there.

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3. Head room

In the frame there is a distance between the top of the subject and the top of the frame.

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4. Looking / leading room

Usually in this type of framing there is empty space between the subject's eyes and the end of the frame opposite the eye. This framing is usually used to provide an overview of the next frame through empty space in the frame (something the subject sees)

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