Aplikasi Edit Video Vlog di HP Android

Vlog Video Editing App on Android Phones

KEE friends must be familiar with the thing called vlog. Yep! YouTubers or influencers like to share their daily activities through vlogs. For those of you who also like vlogging, you definitely want good results and lots of views. One way to produce good videos is with an editing application on your Android cellphone that can help you...

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

For those of you who like editing videos, you may be familiar with this application. There are various menus that you can use to maximize the results of your videos. This app is also available for IOS users.

2. Quick Free Video Editor

You can use this application to give effects, crop, or combine several videos, add text and animation. There are many advanced features that you can use so you have several choices to use.

3. Power Director

This application can be one that you can use, equipped with various features, and you can cut, add or give effects to videos easily.

4. Pocketvideo

One of the advantages of this application is that it can be used to edit videos with a fairly long duration, 10 minutes. It is recommended that it is better to edit videos with a fairly long duration on a laptop or computer. You can also add text, animation and effects to your video.

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