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What is Showreel

For those of you who work in film, video, and animation, you must know what a showreel is. Showreels are usually used to promote yourself as a professional creative worker, especially when applying to companies or getting new clients. Of course, they want to see what you've done before.

Showreel is a video that contains short pieces of several videos edited into one file. The video used is a collection of the work you have done. There is no standard rule for duration, but usually around 1-3 minutes. If it's too long, it becomes ineffective and boring. Whether a showreel is good or not depends on what you put in it and who your target audience is. So what are the benefits? Let's check it out:

  1. A summary of the work you have created
  2. Showing skills in a fairly short duration
  3. One way of personal branding besides CV
  4. Record your achievements over a certain period of time

Check here for an example showreel:


Source : Youtube - ste.krenn

Some tips for making a showreel:

1. Video duration efficiency

This one really needs to be considered. In the midst of busy activities, clients will definitely not feel comfortable if they have to linger for a long time watching your showreel video, especially if it takes up to 30 minutes. 1-3 minutes is ideal, not too fast or too long.  

2. Contents of videos

It must be confusing to put a lot of work into a short video. You can choose videos of different types so that there is no repetition of the same type of video. Also, give a surprise from start to finish to grab people's attention immediately and keep them interested in watching to the end. Don't save your go-to clips for the end. 

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