Apa Itu Shadow Art?

What is Shadow Art?

Shadow art is definitely not familiar to KEE friends... Since we were little, maybe we have known about wayang which uses shadows, or as simple as when the lights go out at home, your hands form a bird and flap their wings in front of the candlelight. There are many people who make shadows a valuable art form.

It requires creativity and carefulness in positioning the subject so that it produces the desired shadow. It's not just about placing the subject, you also need to know where the light is coming from and really need accurate timing. There are also creators who use photo editing applications to help them create their work. You can immortalize your work with photography, of course with the right settings so that the results are maximum.

Photo by L Tim Noble and Sue

Several things you need to pay attention to when making shadow art are subject, light and shadow. These three things are closely related and form the basis for creating works.

1. Subject

The subject is the most basic thing, because if there is no subject, nothing will form an image. You can use free subjects, but you need to explore often because each subject has different characteristics.

2. Light

The light you use can vary, such as sunlight, artificial light such as a ring light or spotlight, and a combination of both. Playing with light is certainly not that easy, Ferguso, especially sunlight, which we cannot control at will. It takes a lot of practice to master this art.

3. Shadow

Shadows are the main element. If there are no shadows, it's not shadow art anymore... You can be as creative as possible in using shadows. Especially if you use sunlight, the shadows at 8 am and 10 am are of course different. So you need to practice being responsive and creative in taking advantage of conditions.

Photo by : Kumi Yamashita

Photo by : Kumi Yamashita
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