Apa Itu Posisi Kamera?

What is Camera Position?

Position usually refers to the height of the camera to the ground. There are 3 types of positions, what are they?

Source : https://snapshot.canon-asia.com/indonesia/article/id/camera-basics-14-position-and-angle; https://snapshot.canon-asia.com/indonesia/article/id/camera-faq-7-what-is-the-difference-between-camera-position-level-and-camera-angle

1. High Position (High Position)

You can hold the camera at a higher position than your eyes by raising your arms up or you can also stand on a footrest or steps. In this position, you can take further background.

2. Eye Level Position (Eye Level Position)

This is the standard position, as you can see. In this position. The resulting image will look monotonous because it is the same as what you see.

3. Low Position (Low Position)

In this position, you hold the camera lower than your eyes. You can produce different photos, making the photo seem more dramatic.

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