Apa Itu Ink Photography?

What is Ink Photography?

Maybe KEE friends have seen this type of photography... Yup! Ink photography is a type of photography that uses ink as the main subject. The method is to combine the ink into the water in the aquarium. You can make photos or videos, just choose which one you like more.

Tools and materials for shooting:

  • Camera
  • Tripods
  • Lighting
  • Table
  • Photo backdrop (Cloth, plain paper)
  • Acrylic ink
  • Clear water
  • Syringe
  • Aquarium glass, aquarium silicone, duct tape, ruler (If you don't have an aquarium)

How to make :

1. Make an aquarium (For those of you who don't have an aquarium)

The size of the aquarium that is made is not too big, around 30x20x20 cm is enough, approximately one bucket of water is enough to fill the aquarium until it is full. To glue each part of the glass, you can use aquarium silicone. Be careful when gluing so that it doesn't fall and break. Leave it until the silicone dries and is ready to use.

Source : instructables.com

2. Fill the aquarium with clear water

Fill the aquarium with clear water until it is almost full so that the ink does not immediately reach the bottom of the aquarium when injected.

3. Prepare a photo set

It's not difficult to create a stylish studio in your home. You just set the table, place the aquarium on it. Install a photo backdrop right behind the aquarium. You can use a backdrop according to your wishes, it is recommended that you use plain paper. You can use art paper for white, and linen paper for black.

Source : Unplug Production

4. Prepare the camera and lighting

Install the camera and tripod in front of the aquarium. Adjust the lighting so that the ink can be seen clearly, don't forget to look at the LCD screen to check whether the lighting is sufficient.

5. Insert acrylic ink into the syringe

The injection can apply pressure when pouring the ink into the water so that it clumps and forms like a cloud. Usually in one photo shoot you can use several colors. Please remember to use 1 injection for 1 color.

Source : jetpens.com

5. Start shooting

You can ask your friend to inject ink into the aquarium so you can focus on the camera. It takes a lot of trying and practice, it's a bit difficult if you just want to try it straight away. Check the first photo and learn what shortcomings you can improve next.

Source : experimentwithnature.com
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