Apa Itu Disposable Camera?

What is a Disposable Camera?

Maybe KEE friends have heard of it. disposable cameras. This camera is similar to an analog camera, but if the film runs out it cannot be refilled or thrown away. The difference is that if you have an analog camera, you can refill the film.

There are several brands that produce disposable cameras such as Fujifilm, Ilford, Kodak, Lomography. The most popular brand in Indonesia is Fujifilm. This camera is quite affordable compared to digital DSLR cameras in the price range of 170 to 250 thousand and there are several variants such as cameras with exposures of 27 and 39, ISO 400 and 1600.

You can try buying this camera while learning to take photos. But keep in mind that you can't see the results of your photos right away. You have to use up 1 roll of your film first until you can no longer press the shutter button on the camera. You can also collect the shots from your disposable cam on your cellphone because most film cleaning places now provide a service for scanning photos that have been washed.

Photo by : Salwa A Nadira
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