Alasan Menggunakan Mode Manual

Reasons to Use Manual Mode

To get good photo results, you don't always have to use automatic mode. In fact, with manual mode you can experiment more and get unexpected results even though it is a little more troublesome than with automatic mode. Don't believe it? Come on, let's try to discuss it..

1. The photo results are as desired

If you use manual mode, you can set everything yourself. Starting from shutter speed, aperture, ISO, you can determine more freely. Usually professional photographers prefer to play with manual mode because they can get photos according to their wishes.

2. Can try various photography techniques

There are many and varied photography techniques. Most of these techniques use manual mode. You can try this technique while simultaneously using manual mode on your camera. One row, two or three islands are reached ;)

3. Be more creative

With manual mode you can be more creative and not limited to certain rules. There is nothing standard in camera settings as long as your photos can attract people who see them. You can also challenge yourself to produce something new or an effect like the references you see.

Good luck!

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