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Reasons why Leica Cameras are Expensive

Surely KEE friends know that Leica cameras are exorbitantly priced. But why does it really need to be priced at such a fantastic price?

First of all, you need to know that Leica cameras are premium cameras with high quality, and with limited production quantities. Leica not only pursues a large market but focuses on unique high-end products with cutting-edge technology. Like in 2016, Leica only sold around 100 thousand cameras.

For example, on the Leica SL camera, this mirrorless camera is equipped with a very large viewfinder with a resolution of 4.4 million dots. Whereas usually on a regular mirrorless camera there are only around 2 million dots. Apart from that, this camera is equipped with a touch screen and a metal casing so it is water and dust resistant.

For most other camera brands, they are created for a short period, only around 2-4 years. Meanwhile, Leica emphasizes the long life of the camera, at least for the next 20 years. You can still use Leica lenses made in the 1950s if they are stored and cared for properly. Even Leica still sells and serves Leica film camera users!

Apart from prioritizing high quality in its products, Leica also prioritizes the human element in its production. Currently, electronic components are made by machine, while quality control and finishing are still carried out by experienced expert staff.

Leica always tries to create unique products in the face of competition in the market, such as the Leica M camera system, which is a camera that has a wide viewfinder with a 36x24mm full frame sensor packaged in a compact body design compared to other types of cameras available. on the market.


Leica has its own market and will not chase a large number of markets like other camera brands. Leica will also not compromise by producing low quality cameras to sell at low prices because this will affect Leica's reputation which has been well built so far.

So for all KEE Friends, do you know why this camera is priced at a price that is enough to make your mouth gape?

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