Aksi Nekat Fotografer Demi Foto

Photographer's Reckless Action for Photos

To be a photographer, it turns out you not only have to have photography skills, but also other skills. In order to get good photos, various tricks are used, don't you believe it? Come on, check below...

1. Rock climbing

The action of this photographer is really wow. To get the desired angle, he brought a ladder and climbed it over the cliff! This action is even more dangerous than the model he is photographing...

Source : www.boredpanda.com

2. Go up the tower

I'm so curious about what the photos will look like that I'm willing to risk my life to get a good photo. Many amateur photographers do the same thing but have to die.

Source : www.boredpanda.com

3. Throw in the swamp

It's not just from heights, KEE friends, there are also photographers who are willing to dive into the swamp to get good photos. Like this photographer, he was willing to dive in to get a photo of a frog.

Source : www.boredpanda.com

4. Chased by wild animals

Wow, it turns out there's something even more exciting, KEE friends. Chase with wild animals. Can you imagine what that feels like? Sleeping in the forest, you must always be wary of attacks by wild animals and running away helter-skelter.

Source : www.boredpanda.com

5. Lie on the road

To be a photographer you must have a strong will. There are various ways to do this, including lying on the road to get the best view. Many photographers are willing to squat, lie down, and even somersault on the street. But be careful, you need to look around and see if it's possible.

Source : www.boredpanda.com

6. Freezing with ice

There are also photographers who are willing to stay overnight in snow areas to get photos of rare moments. They usually set up tents and stay overnight for several days, not afraid of the extreme weather that lies ahead. Really salute you all in all.

Source : www.boredpanda.com
Picture by : Abu Faisal Photographic

7. Climb a tree

To photograph wild animals, these photographers are willing to hang their fate on trees. You need to be extra careful, KEE friends, first check whether the tree you want to climb is strong enough to support your body.

Source : www.boredpanda.com
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